Martyduren.com (aka Kingdom in the Midst) was launched in November 2009. It is the third blog operated by Marty Duren (me), a Christ follower, husband, father, writer, social media manager and teaching pastor living in the Nashville, TN area. I am the primary author on this blog.

IMG_4880.JPGAfter more than 25 years in the pastorate I wanted to take my conversations about life, news, and culture into a more open area of access, a bigger marketplace of ideas. Christianity in the United States has become a sub-culture with its own language, customs and secret handshakes. We have left too much of the conversation in the wider culture void of biblical influence. This blog is an attempt to engage the wider culture in conversation.

Comments from all will be welcome, even if, and perhaps especially if, I disagree with them. Respectfulness is demanded, and clean language is preferred.

While I do not believe that all roads lead to God, I do believe that there are often nuggets of truth that can be found on intersecting paths. If you are a believer take note that I write with a strong desire for my content to be shared. I do not think we should keep the good news to ourselves so I try to write in such a way that you can share these posts through your social media channels with confidence, especially with your unbelieving friends.

I also host a periodic podcast called The Fourth Estate.

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Nothing written or posted on this blog should be construed as being an official or unofficial opinion or position of either my employer or my church home.

  • Fantastic site! I have just stepped down from the pastorate and have begun a little blogging adventure myself. I’ve enjoyed reading here!

    • martyduren

      Thx, Philip. Very much appreciated.

  • I just started reading on your post about fear after 9/11. I will continue to check it out. As a fellow Christian, I am happy to see more believers willing to tackle the bigger societal questions and engage them from a Biblical perspective. It is needed. I will follow your continued posts from time to time.