No symbolism implied.

Below are a few blogs I read, or should be reading. Occasionally these will be semi-accurately divided by some kind of classification system. Or not. [Do I really need a disclaimer stating that all of these folks speak for themselves and that I do not affirm every jot and tittle? Didn’t think so.]

Theology and/or Mission
The Edge of the Inside, Todd Littleton
Alan Cross Writes, Alan Cross
Think. Laugh. Weep. Worship., Emily Hunter McGowin
themelios, Joel Rainey
Kingdom People, Trevin Wax
Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight
The Exchange, Ed Stetzer
Matt Svoboda, Matt Svoboda

Millennial Evangelical, Chris Martin

Leadership, Philip Nation, Ron Edmondson, Thom Rainer, Seth Godin
Both Sides of the Table, Mark Suster, Eric Geiger

Civil rights/liberties
The Rutherford Institute, John W. Whitehead
Southern Center for Human Rights
American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow, et al.

Reformissionary, Steve McCoy
Jonathan Merritt, Jonathan Merritt
New blog for a Pneuma time, Dwight McKissic, Sr.
Cranach, Gene Veith
Christ and Pop Culture, Richard Clark, Alan Noble, et al.
Books and Culture,

Christian life
mandate…mess…mission…mommy, Angela Rankin
Learning to Lead, Jon Wilke
The Fencepost, Dan Kassis
Keeping Up Clapper, Carmen Klapper

Howe Original, Jonathan Howe
Conduit of Truth, Darren Tyler
Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?, Terah Sampler
-Katie DeCillo, Katie DeCillo Wylie