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Clear Winter Nights, by Trevin Wax, book review

Trevin has turned his theological interests to fiction writing. His first novel, Clear Winter Nights, is due out in September and already has a significant amount of buzz.

A review of “Les Miserables” for the non-fan

Since the opening of Les Miserables on Christmas day, I have read no shortage of reviews from the professional critic and lay person alike. People on social media have talked about weeping and wailing, taking boxes of tissue, it being the best movie they have ever seen and the like. Viewers and reviewers seem to […]

The Gospel According to ‘The Hunger Games’ or Katniss Everdeen is not a Female Jesus, by Bekah Stoneking

I first met Bekah Stoneking when she was about eight years old. My family had accepted an opportunity to serve at a small mission church in North Georgia and her family had come to help be a part of the re-start. They were incredibly faithful and sacrificial in their dedication to Christ, driving 30 or […]

Postcards from Dystopia: Misunderstanding ‘The Hunger Games’

In 1516, Sir Thomas More published a short book entitled, Utopia, on which titular island lived a society of complete religious, social and political perfection. The word has come to mean “an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.” Interestingly, utopia comes from two Greek words ou (not) and topos (place). […]

Bell’s Hells: A ‘Love Wins’ book review

Unless you have just returned from a Virgin Intergalactic flight, you are probably aware of the controversy surrounding the new book Love Wins by pastor Rob Bell of Mars Hill Church in Michigan. (Not to be confused with the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and its pastor Mark Driscoll who is probably plotting at […]

‘I, Sniper,’ book review

The latest in an ongoing series by Pulitzer Prize winning film critic and author, Stephen Hunter, sees the return of former Gunnery Sergeant sniper, Bob Lee Swagger, and, following a very slow effort in Night of Thunder, a return to form in the series for Hunter. I started reading Hunter after seeing Shooter, the film […]

The great 2009 Christmas ‘nook’ e-reader giveaway

The launch of martyduren.com is being celebrated with a giveaway: a brand new ‘nook’ by Barnes & Noble. The soon to be released e-reader is being called a “Kindle killer” and a “game changer”, while Wired.com says, “The Nook is already starting to look like the real internet to the Kindle’s AOL.” Other information and […]