‘Folks, this ain’t normal,’ by Joel Salatin, book review

joel salatin folks this aint normal

Folks, this ain’t normal is the eighth book by the self-proclaimed “lunatic farmer” from Swoope, Virginia, Joel Salatin. Salatin, on his Polyface Farms, raises and sells “salad bar beef, pigerator pork, pastured poultry,” turkey, rabbits, eggs and more, has become… Continue Reading

When your top defender is a coward: Richard Dawkins [VIDEO]

richard dawkins

Remember Richard Dawkins? One of the “Four Horsemen of the Atheist Apocalypse”? Author of The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene and other anti-theistic tomes? Several years ago Dawkins was one of the most prominent (though never ablest) defenders of atheism.… Continue Reading