Minority Report: Is technology making science fiction nightmare a reality?

minority report tom cruise police

Just a decade ago, Stephen Spielberg unleashed on cinematic audiences a dystopian future of fear, prediction and the authoritarian state. Minority Report told of a future in which the “Precrime Division” of the police department stopped crimes before they happened,… Continue Reading

‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ movie review

The long awaited, highly anticipated final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy comes to an end with The Dark Knight Rises, which opened this morning at theaters across the country. It has already been hailed as a “masterpiece” by… Continue Reading

‘Hatfields and McCoys’: Quick review

hatfields and mccoys devil anse hatfield randall mccoy

Last night the History Channel introduced a new Kevin Costner produced mini-series, Hatfields and McCoys, about the original family feud. Here are a few thoughts: 1) Romania stands in nicely for the Kentucky-West Virginia post-Civil War wilderness. 2) It wasn’t… Continue Reading