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  • Barb

    Mr Duran…
    Your ‘accuracy’ report on the Star Bucks CEO was lacking…what lead to the CEO’s remark of the shop-elsewhere shares? I think you might find the innuendos are the same…and just a reminder…you are the steward of all God has given you, and if you are spending God’s money in a business that you know openly supports gay lifestyle, then, shame on you!

  • tired of the lies

    starting to think that people of faith have convinced themselves that they have the right to out and out lie about just about anything, as long as it supports their political agenda. Is lying still a part of the bible, or have yall taken that out now?

    • martyduren

      What do YOU call it when a live born child is 1) allowed to die from neglect or 2) assisted to its death? “Infanticide (or infant homicide) is the intentional killing of infants.” See Wikipedia. That isn’t people of faith.

  • Charles

    Hi Marty,

    I recently came across your blog and thought that you may be interested in our recent case study titled: Modernized Tithing: Encouraging Giving Ease of Use Technology

    More and more churches are starting to modernize their giving and I thought this article would be a great reference to you on your blog as I’m sure you how to grow giving through technology is one of the topics that is at the forefront of Christian Life.

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    • emmanuel

      hello Charles how are you and business and your family hope all is well if so thanks be to God well i have see whats you request well all you sent is nice but i have a little problem here in GHANA please all you can do for me is i need assist of the sum of 1000 dollars for me to pay out my house rent now that am talking to you am sleeping outside the street now which my life is at risk please i no that is going to hard you but all i want to let no about me is that am not among those using lie to collect money from people so but am not o normally beg so that i will get whats i wants so please whats you do for me do not regret it because God is going to pay you millions times ,
      to help me out in this condition is if you want to help me out this is the way you will used to help me sending me money through western union or money gram here in Ghana here please if you do please used my information to send it thanks you so much may God bless you and your family please i would have sent my phone number but that about 6 days ago i lost my phone so please all this is a temptation to me please

  • Kim

    Why did Shepard give so much compassion to the Japanese and their 70th bombing memorial then not mention they hit us first at Pearl Harbor and all the damage they started with us. That really ticked off me and my husband and we like him

  • Robin

    Science crashes into ethics and morality, cracking its skull in the process. Some consider fetal organ procurement a scientific wonderland, but it is no ethical Eden.

    A blob of cells is not a boy.

    A blob of tissue is not a boy.

    Products of conception are not a boy.

    A parasite is not a boy.

    A child is a boy.

    Please clarify your position for me. You do not seem to oppose fetal organ procurement. You just seem to acknowledges that it has its ethical issues.