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I started The Fourth Estate podcast to counter the unfortunate ease that bad information seems to be found all across the Internet and social media. The tagline “Because Facts Matter” is important to me. As a follower of Jesus, who I believe to be “the way, the truth and the life,” all truth is important to me. It is less important to me that a certain party holds political power than we know the truth as far as we can.

A typical episode will explore “news” stories being shared on social media, or found online somewhere. I try to either confirm or correct the story based on source material where possible. Sometimes better reporting counters the bad reporting.

In early 2016 I added The Fourth Estate Drive Time to the lineup. It’s a morning look at the Big News No One’s Talking About, Decisions Decisions 2016, and other news summaries. It’s called Drive Time because I record it on my morning commute so you can download and listen to it on yours.

The Fourth Estate podcast episodes are listed here. The Fourth Estate is hosted by Marty Duren (me). Click below to subscribe. I would love to count you among my listeners.

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