‘Folks, this ain’t normal,’ by Joel Salatin, book review

joel salatin folks this aint normal

Folks, this ain’t normal is the eighth book by the self-proclaimed “lunatic farmer” from Swoope, Virginia, Joel Salatin. Salatin, on his Polyface Farms, raises and sells “salad bar beef, pigerator pork, pastured poultry,” turkey, rabbits, eggs and more, has become… Continue Reading

‘War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning,’ by Chris Hedges, Book Review

Chris Hedges does not seem to a name widely known or appreciated in Evangelical circles. A foreign correspondent for fifteen years, Hedges has worked for NPR, The Christian Science Monitor, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, he… Continue Reading

‘Finding True Freedom,’ book review

A giant in Southern politics of a day gone by, Harry Dent ultimately found himself a giant in a different kingdom–the kingdom of God. Through the process, he come to understand which had the greatest importance. I met Ginny Dent… Continue Reading

‘Reason, Faith and Revolution,’ book review

Sub-titled, “Reflections on the God Debate,” British literary critic Terry Eagleton’s latest work takes on the likes of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens (the latter two he derisively and often combines into a single being, “Ditchkins”) for the… Continue Reading