‘Folks, this ain’t normal,’ by Joel Salatin, book review

joel salatin folks this aint normal

Folks, this ain’t normal is the eighth book by the self-proclaimed “lunatic farmer” from Swoope, Virginia, Joel Salatin. Salatin, on his Polyface Farms, raises and sells “salad bar beef, pigerator pork, pastured poultry,” turkey, rabbits, eggs and more, has become… Continue Reading

Free Book: ‘The Generous Soul,’ by Marty Duren, Chapter 8

generous image the generous soul

Several months ago I started on a journey to give away my book a chapter at a time. This is still in the process–through a few fits and starts–it is not far from completion. In case you need to catch… Continue Reading

‘Washed and Waiting,’ by Wesley Hill, book review

With the recent controversy over Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathey’s non-remarks about gay marriage, followed by a threatened boycott, then a day of support, then a suggested Kiss-In, public discourse, like water, quickly ran to the lowest point. One of my… Continue Reading