Thinking through a fully biblical justice

haiti earthquake rubble houses

It seems as I grow older issues of justice and injustice occupy more of my thoughts. A recent phone conversation reminded me the change itself has only been a few years in the making. A reader of this blog (and… Continue Reading

Planned Parenthood rally at the DNC is hyped but poorly attended

planned parenthood rally democratic national convention 2012

A story this afternoon on purported to show two different faces of today’s Planned Parenthood rally at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. The Democratic National Convention will likely pass the most extreme pro-choice platform ever codified by… Continue Reading

A few thoughts in light of President Obama’s support of gay marriage

President Barack Obama

For Christian culture warriors everywhere, May 9, 2012, will be a date that lives in infamy. In an interview with ABC News President Barack Obama announced publicly his support for same-sex marriage in the United States. This follows similar statements… Continue Reading