“I am Voting for Barack Obama for President,” by Keysha Hogan

Keysha Hogan voting for Barack Obama

With the close of the Republican National Convention and the opening of the Democratic National Convention this week the attention of the electorate will soon be laser-focused on November and Election 2012. President Barack Obama (D) and GOP nominee Mitt… Continue Reading

Dear presidential candidates:

Dear presidential candidates: Barack Obama, the Democratic incumbent, Mitt Romney, presumptive Republican nominee, and Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate. It is my hope this will make its way to your campaigns and eyes. One of you will occupy again or… Continue Reading

How one Christ follower decided to vote for Ron Paul, Part 3: Abortion

To catch up on this series you can read the first part, and the second part. When writing on the subject of abortion, I somehow feel it necessary to defend myself before I even get started. Not from those with… Continue Reading