Thinking through a fully biblical justice

haiti earthquake rubble houses

It seems as I grow older issues of justice and injustice occupy more of my thoughts. A recent phone conversation reminded me the change itself has only been a few years in the making. A reader of this blog (and… Continue Reading

Our comfortable injustice, Part 2: Incarceration for profit

Read part one of this series, Christians, race, and the U.S. legal system. Recent years have given rise to what John W. Whitehead and others refer to as the “Prison Industrial Complex.” The Prison Industrial Complex, comprised of companies like… Continue Reading

Our comfortable injustice, Part 1: Christians, race and the U. S. legal system

For so long, filled with the hope of Christ’s immediate return, we tended to ignore our neighbors asleep on the sidewalk heating grate in favor of watching the next installment of A Thief in the Night. Continue Reading

When injustice is enough justice: Parsing theology into nothingness

Part of this post deals with the terrible situation at Penn State University that broke in recent days. Because my website crashed and was down for several days I was unable to write a full post and was limited to… Continue Reading