Is ‘quantitative easing’ a biblically unjust economic policy?

Last week Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announced a positive outlook for yet another round of quantitative easing (commonly abbreviated QE3 since it is the third round). According to a report from Rueters, The euro slipped against the dollar on… Continue Reading

Free Book: ‘The Generous Soul,’ by Marty Duren, Chapter 8

generous image the generous soul

Several months ago I started on a journey to give away my book a chapter at a time. This is still in the process–through a few fits and starts–it is not far from completion. In case you need to catch… Continue Reading

Why I am giving away my book, ‘The Generous Soul’

Writing a book is either a labor of love or an exercise in self-loathing depending on who you ask. I’ve labored with this particular love on two separate occasions. The first time was a book co-written with a good friend,… Continue Reading